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[UE5] Winter Castle

Updated: Mar 20

Winter Castle Asset Pack Purchase


I used world creator for building Terrain.

and imported into UE5 using world creator plugin

2. Hero Mountain

I created hero mountain asset with Gaea.

I used substance painter to get base color map and Mask map

3. BLO

I made Blockout geo in Maya and imported into UE5 to get proper scale

4. Lighting, Foliage and Fog

I made lighting Sublevel and started lighting.

I used easy fog asset and populate in the scene

and put winter oak trees in the scene

5. Material Creation

I created some procedural materials in Substance Designer.

6. Asset creation

I created assets with houdini. First, I made individual modular assets.

And merge each to create different scales and types of buildings.

Then, Textures them in substance painter.

7. Layout assets

After finish building assets, I start layout assets referencing BLO sublevel.

And developing more detail and lighting

While working on ground material. I found Blend material for vertex painting now working with nanite.

So, to use nanite for this, I made noise texture mask and created blended material.

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