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[UE5] Terrain Study

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Project Overview : Terrain Study in UE5 and Gaea

I tested Gaea and landscape creation with Unreal Engine 5.

Gaea and UE5 was very easy to use. and the result was great. I created height map and for masking purpose, I exported slope, basecolor, snow-flow, snow height and etc.

I set up landscape based on 2k map and did just basic lighting with atmosphere fog.

I reset the landscape based on 4k map. atmosphere fog and lighting is not come out as I wanted before with 2k so, I increased the size twice and it looks more natural and open area.

I lighting, atmosphere and exponential fog works better on 4k map. I made master material for terrain using layer node for apply proper instance materials on certain areas.

I set up grass. I tried make grass move based on wind but I found that the fps dropped crazily with instancing. The grass applied only on the green area using map for masking.

Also, tried different lighting just want to see the mood. this scene has only one light source. I believe if I put bounce light I will look better.

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